Plus Confort

Here at Patricia Miller your feet are our concern, that’s why we’ve carried out a series of biomechanical studies to combine with the cutting-edge technology and the premium materials we use to produce Plus Confort shoes.

We want you to be really comfortable as well as beautiful, so the lasts, soles and other elements that make up our shoes adapt to the natural shape and movement of your feet.

We designed our Plus Confort shoes to replicate the natural movement of walking barefoot on soft ground. We concentrated especially on ensuring even bodyweight distribution, so your back doesn’t suffer, improving your posture, the alignment of your spine and your centre of gravity. This means you can wear your Patricia Miller shoes and not have to worry about building up tension in your back or getting painful feet.

We use highly flexible soles and treads with your comfort in mind.

Shock absorber
A system that cushions the impact on your feet as you walk, resulting in shoes that care for your feet and for your whole body.

Breathable We use breathable materials that help to keep your feet at the correct temperature and prevent excessive sweating.

Soft. Our 100% natural leathers are specially treated to make them beautifully soft for your feet. Forget painful chafing and just concentrate on enjoying yourself.