The manufacturing process starts with receiving, selecting and checking the raw materials to be used. Here at Patricia Miller we only use premium quality materials, natural leathers, handled with great care to ensure their end quality.

Cutting, preparing, stitching, assembling and packaging all have a role to play in making a shoe that is 100% Spanish.


This stage is very important, so we cut by hand all the pieces that go into making every shoe, both the leather and the lining.

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Preparing and stitching

The various components of the shoe are prepared, including punching the holes in the sole, lining the heel and preparing the insole.

The various parts of the instep and the lining are also cut and stitched together. The leather is split and rubbed down to reduce thickness, edges are folded over where necessary, decorative punching is applied and all the shoes parts are stitched together.


During this stage, the shoe is assembled on the last and all the components are put in place. First, the edge is moulded and the toe, shanks and backs are assembled. Next, the sole and heel are put in place, a process that involves a series of additional tasks like steaming the edge, trimming, rasping the heel and sticking on the sole.

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Once the shoe is ready, it is cleaned so we can check that it is perfect. We shape and iron the finished shoe, insert the insoles, apply decorative elements and so on. Once the shoe is deemed perfect we send it for packaging and it's ready to go out to shoe shops.