Developing a Patricia Miller collection starts by producing a detailed calendar putting the various processes involved in order, establishing when all the different departments have to play their part and setting the deadlines that ensure the collection is ready at the right time.

Preparing the collection starts with gathering information about the latest fashion trends, so our designers make an in-depth study, compiling and analysing details from web sites, blogs and specialist publications as well as travelling to the world's top catwalk shows and fashion capitals to really get a feel for all the trends that will mark the upcoming Patricia Miller collection.

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Each trend is presented on a shoe trend board summing up concept, inspiration, colours, materials, shapes, accessories, details and complements and, following a meeting with the team, a decision is taken on which of these designs will be included in the collection.

Here at Patricia Miller we always try to have the latest trends ready for you in record time, updating our collections every season and bringing you an early glimpse of future trends with our seasonal previews.

Once we've decided on the designs to feature in the Patricia Miller collection, the production stage begins, requiring more than 66 manual processes that give our shoemaking process a crafted, almost artistic status..

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Now you know about everything that goes into designing a footwear collection. At Patricia Miller we put our heart and soul into producing well-designed yet amazingly comfortable shoes.

Here at Patricia Miller we're committed to the quality, finish and comfort of our shoes, so we've implemented strict quality protocols that are always looking for excellence in the finished product. The leathers go through thorough quality controls, just like the soles and all other components. Every manufacturing process is painstakingly checked and a pair of shoes from the production line is sent to INESCOOP (the Spanish footwear technology institute) to undergo a number of quality tests.