The pin-up shorts invasion

The pin-up shorts invasion

The incredibly popular pin-up shorts lengthen your legs, emphasise your waist and invite you to evoke 1950s calendar girls, plus they go perfectly with your Patricia Miller shoes.

For a few months now we’ve being seeing a real invasion of pin-up shorts, a trend that has been brought in by various celebrities, who have been wearing these shorts that were so fashionable in the 1950s.

Famous women like Taylor Swift, Kat Hessen, Alexa Chung and Alessandra Ambrosio have been wearing the shorts look to all kinds of summer events, festivals, fashion shows and so on, wherever you go there’s a celebrity evoking the 1950s pin-up style.

They’re perfect for wearing with sandals. What are you waiting for? Get your pin-up shorts to wear with your Patricia Miller shoes!


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