Tips for storing your Patricia Miller shoes from one season to the next

Tips for storing your Patricia Miller shoes from one season to the next

It happens to us all every season, we need to store all the clothes and shoes from the season that’s coming to an end to make room for the new season.

Here we offer you a few tips for storing your Patricia Miller shoes properly so you can use them next season and avoid any nasty surprises when you open the box. They’ll be perfect, good as new!

1. Keep everything that comes with your shoes when you buy them. From the tissue paper they come wrapped in through to the box, labels and so on. All this will come in handy later when you want to store them under the best possible conditions. For example, you can reuse the original paper to keep the uppers in shape and prevent them from becoming deformed.

2. Make sure everything is clean before storing. Clean the shoes thoroughly before storing them; if you don’t do this they may deteriorate while not being used. Ensure all dust and traces of dirt are removed from heels and soles.

3. Never store damp shoes. If you used water to clean your shoes, wait until they’re completely dry. You won’t be wanting to find your comfy Patricia Miller shoes covered in mould will you ?

4. Store your shoes in their boxes. If you can’t use the original boxes, try storing them in fabric bags, but never use plastic bags as we make our shoes from top quality natural leather and they need to «breathe«.

5. How do I make sure boots don’t lose their shape? If you remember our Tip number 1 and you follow it, you’ll have kept the foam rubber that comes inside Patricia Miller boots to protect the shape of the upper, so use them!

Follow these simple tips and your Patricia Miller shoes will stay as good as new.


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